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Search Engines

Search engines like Yahoo based in Silicon valley,USA were one of the
pioneers in creating the service for a internet user to search the web
for related and particular information . However, Yahoo can be referred
as to be a Database of millions of WebPages placed according to the
category they belong to than a search engine. Whenever you go to
and type in the words or set of letters you are searching for and press
the search button the Yahoo database first checks if the words you typed
are present in the contents of a webpage and Displays you all the links
to Pages which contains the words.If it does not find the words in any
of the webpages present in it's database then it passes on the words
to other search engines like ALTAVISTA or INKTOMI for possible matches
in their databases. There is also a newly introduced facility in Yahoo
called People search in which one has to type in the name of the person
he is searching for and it will show him the person's address or location
if it is present in the Yahoo database.

Yahoo also provides a peronalized service for it's members
called "My Yahoo !" which includes a Free web based Email address of the
format ( , Free Chat service etc .For this you would
have to go to and click the "sign up here" link
which will show a Registration form where you will have to fill you name
, address etc .After that, when you click the submit button in the form
you become a member of Yahoo and can avail of a lot of it's services .

Today, we also have some very renowned Indian search
engines some of which are , , in
the Web.These search sites also contain links to most of the Indian
Webpages in the Web. These sites have the facility of categorical listing
of webpages in their databases like other intl search engines.They display
links which are updated daily which are related to entertainment &
information . These links are mostly of widely known sites like,, , etc.

This way we can look forward to Indian search engines which will
get widely popularized across the Globe(WEB) like Yahoo .

How to search for & publish information in the web

1) One can easily search looking for some site or special kind of information
in by typing in the words and pressing the search button.
But in the case of more words Yahoo will show you matches for
not only the group of words but also each word individually i.e. if
you key in "to" , you will find more than a million matches for "to" only.
To avoid this confusion you can search using the "+" operator implying
instead of spaces between words you key in place the "+" sign . This way
you will get no. of links to web pages having only those words not just
one of them.

2) If you have a website you will have to understand how to publish your
web page so that you get a lot of people visiting your site.
Incase of Search engines which employ a categorical method of
Listing Webpages like for eg. Yahoo , khoj etc websites to be added
should have their contents matching the particular category.For example ,
My college is Maharaja Agrasen College and it's Website Addres is at then i will add it to the Education.colleges category
in any search engine.This way you can add your webpage to the Yahoo database
and other search engines .Among others ,few examples of search engines
are,, , , , , .  

The Following article was written by Pratim Guha Biswas , 3rd year Comp.Sc student at Maharaja Agrasen College , also member of © Ketos society