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THE KETO SOCIETY was formed by a group of Computer Science Students of Maharaja Agrasen College . This society's sole purpose is to increase interaction between other colleges & also between students of our own college. For this we will be conducting Seminars, Discussions , Lectures through Computer Professionals to inbibe the curiosity to know more about this IT - World into students who may or may not be graduating with Computer Science.
We Already have Organized some Intra College Events and will be organising others very soon.


Amit Aggarwal


Salil Daundiyal

Vice - President 

Saurabh Sharma

General Secretary

Pawan Bhati


Amit Rawat

Excursion Incharge 

Amit Reddy

Incharge of Web Club 

Aparna Goel 

Incharge of Arts & Dramatics Club 

Pooja Gupta

Incharge of Science Club 

Vivek Khurana

Incharge of Sports Club 

Harish Khaitan

Incharge of Wits & Humour Club 

Arun Nair

Incharge of Software Club 

Pratim G. Biswas

Class Representative of 3rd year B.Sc Comp. Science 


Class Representative of 2nd year B.Sc Comp. Science 

Pooja Goel

Class Representative of 1st year B.Sc Comp. Science 

V. Vivek

Class Representative of 1st Year B.C.A (Bachelor of Comp. Applications) 

        We are also undertaking a Project of launching a NetMagazine i.e. E-Zine in the WWW.

[Ketos Computer E-zine]

[Events that have been organized] [Play Java Games] [ComputerScience Website]

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